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Published on March 1, 2004 By JillUser In Blogging
I Personally find Sir Pete amusing at times but if a woman takes him seriously at all, they tend to get perturbed. Here is a guide to help:

Read Sir Pete's stuff if you don't take him seriously and are in it to play along and have a good chuckle.
Egg him on so he will give outrageous replies.
Give raspberries to anyone who gives you guff about egging him on since you have as much right to do that as anyone has the right to pander to him.
Delete his comments to your own articles since they are rarely relevant to the topic.

Take him seriously....ever!
Worry about others taking him seriously. I highly doubt anyone is doing anything but having a bit of fun.
Read his stuff if you are looking for legitimate information.

If you follow those few guidelines, it won't matter to you what he is doing. I think that some people currently love to love him and some love to hate him. None take him seriously and that is the fun of it.

Good day to you all.

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on Mar 01, 2004
It seems that your post is getting appropriate as some sulfure is surrounding Sir Peter's blog. Personnally I'm a big fan and I'm constantly surprised by the reaction of people around SPM4. I just hope he will not become too much predictacble.

on Mar 01, 2004
I respectfully disagree. There is no excuse for insulting a group of people, regardless whether serious or not. Judging by the response of some women, they were genuinly hurt by his comments. Had he used racial slurs, he'd been crucified, why is it then we tolerate his derogatory statements on women (and gays as I've noticed in some other thread)? I'm sorry, but although I can understand that some people find his brand of humour appealing, I do not.

JEPEL, he's already become very predictable.
on Mar 01, 2004
He is a characters and a caricature. I understand why you don't like it, and as you point he is predictable, but he make me laugh if you don't why do you visit his blog? Anyways, the problem with humour is it's always better when it is black or cynical.

One french humorist once said

"The matter is not laughing of what but laughing with who"...
on Mar 01, 2004
Mack, just as I have the power to not watch or listen to Howard Stern, everyone has the power to not read Sir Pete's blogs. Like I said in my guide, if he says something stupid on your article, delete it. Better yet, take trolling points then delete it. I haven't witnessed him going to other blogs in order to attack them. If that were the case though, I am sure Brad would get rid of him altogether.

And yes, he is predictable. Some people find comfort in predictability though.
on Mar 01, 2004
I agree with Mack. He came onto my blog in order to attack and has since taken to calling me "the leader of the cock loving lesbians" on his own blog. You're right Mack I have no respect for people who go out of their way to attack others based on gender or sexuality. The comments on my blog have been deleted.
on Mar 01, 2004
Urban Faery if someone disagreeing with you is attacking you then i suggest that you are to sensitive for your own good. I would be much obliged if you publish every comment i ever made to you. Either publish them and let people decide for themselves or be quiet you silly girl!
on Mar 01, 2004
I think JillUser has a number of excellent points. Urban Faery, cool it. Honestly, nobody cares.

But maybe I'm wrong. If you do care, please post it here and if there is proof to the contrary, I will, on my honor, apologize to Ms. Faery.

on Mar 01, 2004
JillUser, how would one get in touch with Brad to discuss Pete's comments? I read the blog and comments and he did go on without provokation to attack Urban Faery, not to disagree with her.
Pete, disagreeing is not name calling for no reason.

Pete's first comment did not express a different opinion than Urban Faery's (which was not in the least bit controversial anyway) it was a personal attack saying "ya go love your vagina, burn your bra... grow up young lady"... there was no need for that. I don't care who he is, some 15 year old kid, some almighty powerful guy (although we know this is not true) what he said was offensive to all women and that makes it hateful. I am not amused.

on Mar 01, 2004
Tama you are truly pathetic in your attempt to wage a vicious vendetta against me, I will not be silenced by a group of bra burning psychopaths. Is it just me or are these "women" being over sensitive? Am I not allowed to offer an opinion on a play called the Vagina Monologues, has it now become illegal to disagree with a lesbian?
on Mar 01, 2004

Tama, there is a "contact us" at the bottom of the page.

In the end, remember that this is a free site and is open to people to have fun.  Once you start going on to other blogs and attacking people, you crossed a line.  "Free Speech" does not give people the right to attack other people.  In other words, keep your crap to your own blog. 

on Mar 01, 2004
Thank you KarmaGirl, I'll send an email later tonight. I completely reckognize that people like to have fun and make up new lives but I agree, when he starts attacking people that's taking it one step too far, especially after Urban Faery asked him to please stop commenting on her blog. Also, when a joke spreads hatred against a whole group of people, that is also not funny.

on Mar 01, 2004
Bloody hell if "attacking someone" constitutes disagreeing with lesbian propaganda I will leave joeuser voluntarily!
on Mar 01, 2004
And this little Hitler who plans to lodge a formal complaint against Sir Peter James Henry Maxwell IV is not even a member of joeuser but he/she/it feels they have the right to demand i am removed!
on Mar 01, 2004
Are you in love with me Maxwell? You seem to be slightly obsessed with me.
on Mar 01, 2004
Yes totally in love with you, can't stop thinking about you old girl but i think you should know that i was talking about the lady who had posted here not you, but don't let that stop you dreaming that Sir Peter Maxwell loves you