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Published on March 19, 2004 By JillUser In Books
I just finished reading The DaVinci Code and really enjoyed it. I liken it to the Indiana Jones stories. I think if you like Indiana Jones, you will like this book.

That said, if you are defensive about your christian beliefs, you probably won't like this book. It is all about pagan origins of christian beliefs. Interesting stuff but some might find it very offensive.

This story has so many twists and turns! The characters are so interesting and the descriptions of European churches, museums and artwork keeps you riveted. Anyone who enjoys a good riddle will enjoy this story. It is one of those books that I enjoyed reading so much that I was sorry to finish it.

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on Mar 19, 2004
Thanks for the review. I wondered what all of the excitement was all about.
on Mar 19, 2004

Nice review.

I will have to give it a look.

on Mar 19, 2004
I read it about 6 months ago and gave a copy to my dad for Christmas and we both enjoyed it immensely. Kind of reminded me of Robert Ludlums older books. Definitely worth the read.
on Mar 19, 2004
I got my copy from my Dad Usually if Dad says I will enjoy a book, I do. I had heard all of the hype about it when it first came out but I don't really pay attention to that stuff. That is why I thought I would blog about it. Maybe others like myself might give it a read whereas they (like myself) would otherwise pass it by.
on Mar 19, 2004
I'm sadly going to have to say I'm not much of a reader but my best friend read it a couple of weeks ago. He said he liked it greatly. I'm going to asume it's good and I think even though it goes against my principles of helping people who are above me. I'm gonna give you an insightful. I know it doesn't mean a lot to you but I'm going to anyways.

Capt. over and out!
on Mar 24, 2004
That said, if you are defensive about your christian beliefs, you probably won't like this book. It is all about pagan origins of christian beliefs. Interesting stuff but some might find it very offensive.

I agree that it was very interesting. It actually spurred me to do some further, factual reading about the things brought out in the book....I've been reading some of the "lost books" of the Bible, the research done regarding the "real" Holy Grail, etc. I LOVE books that spur me to learn something!!
on Mar 24, 2004
I'm going to have to give this one a shot......I'm going into town today so I'll stop by Borders and pick up a copy.
on Mar 24, 2004
Poetmom, that is the reaction that people would ideally have. You are obviously secure rather than defensive about your beliefs. People who are secure don't tend to lash out but try to learn from things that oppose what they already feel or believe. Unfortunately a lot of people get defensive and angry whenever anyone poses questions about the validity of their religion. Capt, thanks! I always appreciate a pat on the back
on Jul 25, 2004
Jill - I started and finished reading the DaVinci code on the weekend - all up I think I read for 12hours - not straight but all up - I thought it was fantastic and I wanted to check the forums and see if there was already a review - low and behold
As a woman I really really enjoyed this book - I haven't read any Indianna Jones nor have I read Robert Ludlum - I'm going to start Angels & Demons later this afternoon.
My best friend told me she liked this book - which surprised me a lot because we're both Pentecostal Christians but she has a HUGE major problem with Tolkein and his Lord of the Rings books and movies refusing to ever read/see them - but love ths Matrix triology. And said she loved the DaVinci code. - I haven't had a chance to talk to her about it but yeah

Like Teresa it's also spurred me and my husband to delve further into the truth of the novel. I actually like to think it is true - It goes against everything we've ever been told and yet it makes so much more sense.
on Jul 25, 2004
I listened to it as a book on tape and liked it quite a bit. Unfortunately, the version I had was abridged so now I'm left wondering what did I miss? So I'll have to go check out the full version in hardcopy and skim through it.

on Jul 25, 2004
I love this book, and it was very interesting to discover the origins of some of things found now.
on Aug 23, 2004
I just finished reading Angels and Demons and made a comparison to it and TDC, if you have not finsihed either, or have not read one, do not read on. But if you have read them, let me know what you think. My friend thinks, he just found a formula that worked in Angels and Demons, refined it and wrote TDC.
I whited the message out so you can highlight it and read it.
1. Robert Langdon is the main character in both.
2. Female main character, has a father figure, no mother.
3. A unique killer/assasin
4. Crippled main character
5. Tough cop character
6. Art is involved
7. Clergyman character
8. Begins with a Murder of female character's father
9. Secret societies
10. Duality comes up a lot
11. Bad guys give themselves othernames (the teacher, Janus)

1. Females in the TDC are strong, in A&D they are viewed as week. The way Vittoria is viewed for wearing shorts in the Vatican, how the Assasin views women as objects for his sexual pleasure.
2. The Hassasin gives into sexual pleasures, the Albino causes himself pain against it.
3. Albino is light skinned, light hair, Hassasin is dark haired, dark skinned.
4. The secret cult in TDC were from the catholic church, A&D were Scientists.
5. TDC is about Jesus's life (New Testament), A&D is about Genesis (Old Testament)
6. A&D, you are made to believe that the bad guy is the crippled, and he is commanding the Hassasin, turns out it was the Clergyman is the real bad guy in all of this. And in TDC, you think the bishop is the one who is the hidden bad guy, commanding the albino, turns out it is the crippled. *the similarity is that they are representing a secret society that their beliefs are opposed to* (The Illuminati in A&D).

There are more, but I am too tired to think right now. If you have made some comparisons and contracts, feel free to reply.

So as I was reading it, I was like, "This is just the Da Vinci Code from the other side" then I realized. I think he meant to write it this way, like the books from Galieleo that he mentions. It is about Duality, each book mentions this. These books are meant to be Dualities of one another, Yin and Yan.

I think it is pretty cool if he meant to do this, and I think he did.

It is funny how Angels & Demons is not as huge as The Da Vinci Code. But it makes sense, Scientists are disproving each other everyday, it is a part of science to seek truth, as it mentions in A&D, science changes weekly, if you stand still, it passes you by. SO if you say something major about Science not being right, no big deal. But if you come out and say something 1 Billion people have held as truth for 2000 years is wrong, your gonna sell more books.

on Aug 23, 2004
i also researched a lot of its claims on the net, i had so many pages dog eared for "further looking into" that im still not done!

im also reading a rebuttlal book called "breaking the da vinci code" though im finding it very dry and not very convincing in its counter-arguments.

I considered "Breaking the Da Vinci Code" as further proof that there was something TO "The Da Vinci Code." They protested just a little too loudly.

Fensty, grade of A+ on the method of hiding that text. That thought never ocurred to me
on Aug 23, 2004
wow, didn't know you could do that, too clever.....
on Aug 23, 2004
I think Dan Brown used the same formula for all 4 of his books -- he just got better over time -- i actually read all four books backwards - Davinci Code, Angels & Demons, Deception Point and Digital Fortress (Digital fortress was his first book)

If you can work out who the bad guy is from the formula in tdvc and a&d - it's pretty much the same for the other two book - except those two have a female lead with male co-lead -- Regardless Dan Drowns books are So very very well researched that they're fascinating if not predictable (that is if you put the formula together)
They're suspenseful and intriguing and very interesting for people who like to know trivial things about Space, Art, History, Religion, Politics

I can't wait till his fifth book comes out
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