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Published on July 6, 2005 By JillUser In Car Help

We have a leased Chevy Venture and are looking for a new minivan when our lease is up in November.  I liked the Venture except it has a dog of an engine and my husband wants one with a navigation system and dynamic cruise control.  I have done some research online and so far the only minivan that has the navigation system, dynamic cruise and optional 8 passenger seating is the Toyota Sienna. 

Does anyone out there own a Sienna?  If so, how do you like it?  If not, do you know of another minivan that has those options?  I want it to have some pep too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since it seems I spend half my life in the minivan

on Jul 06, 2005
I'm a big fan of the Honda Odessey. Lots of great features and if I had the dough....I'd buy one!
on Jul 06, 2005
The Odyssey does look pretty sweet but it doesn't have adaptive cruise control.  That's a deal breaker for my hubby.
on Dec 19, 2005
Why not check out "Iris"? See Australian Girl :Symbol...Driveway.
on Dec 28, 2005
The 2005 Toyota Sienna won last year's best minivan from Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine. (This year? Honda Odyssey.) Sienna is an excellent van and I have heard nothing but good things about it. It also came in first in resale value, retaining its value the best of all minivans for a 4-yr and 6-yr resale. (Good news for trade-in time.)
We bought a new van last year, but couldn't afford a Sienna. We went with a used (2002) Chevy Venture ourselves, and have been moderately happy with it. When the time comes, we'll look at th Sienna or an Odyssey.
on Dec 28, 2005
We ended up getting a Sienna. I am pretty happy with it but I think they over did it on the electronics. The laser cruise is buggy and the keyless doors don't work all that well all the time. I love the versatility of the seating and it is a peppy ride for a minivan. I have had minivans for about 8yrs now and the Sienna is my favorite so far. Ours is Salsa red