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Published on March 31, 2010 By JillUser In Blogging

So, on April Fool's Day do you do any fooling or receive any?  What's your favorite prank?  The only one that really comes to mind for me is when kids took apart a car and reassembled it inside the school.  On a lesser scale, they picked my car up and moved it so I freaked out when it wasn't where I had parked it.

I like silly pranks but don't like the ones that really freak people out and either make them upset or mad.  I think it's especially funny when something strange but real happens on April Fool's Day and noone believes it because they are on high alert for pranks. 

on Mar 31, 2010

IN years past, I have been part (object or catalyst) for many great ones.  This year, I am a newbie in my current position, so will watch others and learn (hopefully) some new ones.

on Mar 31, 2010

I'm playing tricks on my kids....I'm actually really excited to initiate them into the AFD traditions.

This year I started small.  I opened up fruit snacks and filled the bag with baby carrots and then superglued the seal shut.  I replaced their juice with jello.  HW will be moving them in the middle of the night, so they wake up in different spots. I'll short sheet their beds while they are at school.

I am working with my son's teacher and gave her homework for the class that can't be solved and a fake field trip permission slip (for a trip to the moon!)  We will see how many kids catch on that it is a joke BEFORE they take it home.


I've participated in moving cars and moving an entire office to the roof (that was funny!) But I'd love to get a few teachers but I can't think of any ideas that won't be too disruptive with a class of elementary kids around.....

on Mar 31, 2010

Lifehappens, you rock!

on Apr 01, 2010

I think life itself is pranking me today.  Thought your 3yr old would go to sleep last night?...April Fools!  Thought you'd get up on time to get your 13yr old off to school?...April Fools! 

I did hear a hilarious April Fools ad on the radio this morning.  It was for Early Life Cosmetics.  It started by talking about how we know longer have to worry about having a baby that isn't as pretty as we hoped.  Then there was a mom talking about how her 3yr old had already had 16 procedures.  She said "they don't really feel pain at that age and if they do, they don't remember it".