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Remember when Liberals were all about questioning authority, ant-censorship and free speech?  Now if you question our government you are racist. Events in history are being erased (censored) in the name of political correctness (take the case of ESPN cutting out Curt Schillings game play from broadcast).  The new wave Liberals need safe spaces to protect them from speech they don't like.

I guess I'm old but people saying things has never scared me.  Now the thought of not being able to respond to those people saying things is another story.  The answer to speech you don't like should never be shutting out what other people have to say but to rebut it.  If you don't have a strong enough stance to do so, you should listen and learn and examine your own stance not run away to where there will be cookies and puppies and you don't have to think about anything.




on May 06, 2016

Tell me about it...

PC has gone off the deep end. It's absolutely stupid and unproductive to be offended by everything.

Do we really need "trigger warning" labels on everything? Pathetic.


on May 17, 2016

I have recently found it disturbing that on a discussion group for our public schools it never fails that people will openly voice concerns only to have a PC admin pop in to warn people to make sure they are using facts when discussing things on in the group.  I always thought the path to uncovering facts was open discussion!

on May 17, 2016

Political correctness is not conservative if you don't believe me just listen to talk radio. Aclu is not conservative and have been tearing everything down christian. Theyvare not even anti religious. They are pro anything that is not christian. They are christian opressors. Basically political correctness is accepting everything that is not christian except someone's christian opinion. There are more christian conservatives. Pc came from the liberals. 


on Jun 01, 2016

I won't argue with that!

on Jun 10, 2016

Now if you question our government you are racist.